Luxury hotel wall decoration, Macau

Interior and exterior decoration project for entrance walls and hall ceilings of The Parisian, wonderful luxury hotel in Macau (China) that recreates style and atmosphere of the French capital. Wall decorations are realized with Digital Fresco technique for the seven ceilings (300 square meters), with Direct Digital Print for the eleven ceiling glass windows (200sm) and with Modern Wallpaper for big panels on entrance exterior walls.

In this massive Hsin Chong Engineering Limited interior decoration project, design and installation works have been realized supporting Gil Araujo, Art Director for Hsin Chong, company that supervised restructuring of major hotels and casinos in Macau.


The challenge: as the name suggests, “The Parisian” was built to welcome its guests in facilities and spaces that recreate style and images of the french capital Paris. The hotel’s interiors recall the Palace of Versailles, while outside a scaled copy of 1:2 of the Eiffel Tower is reproduced and installed in the grand entrance gardens. Our work was therefore to design image contents in Renaissance style. Given the large size of ceilings to be decorated, it was therefore necessary to compose images with an exceptional work research and selection, harmonization and adaptation of the subjects that would have composed the final images. There are seven painted ceilings, for a total area of ​​about 300 square meters.

The decorating project then focused on hall glass ceilings: we proposed Art Nouveau compositions, inspired by decorations of the famous Galeries Lafayette. Final decorations were realized in digital Direct Print technology on eleven windows (total area of ​​about 200 square meters: check diagram project, bottom left).


Finally we proceed on entrance walls decorations: subjects have been designed and produced recreating Versailles palace’s Nobles hall decorations (image above, right); the large panels, positioned along the outside walls, have been made with Modern Wallpaper technology; frames and border decorations, in course of installation, are Demart Interior Decoration’s exclusive content.

Working days: planning phase with proposals, drafts and revisions lasted six months (December 2015 to May 2016). Once at the final approval, and completion of printing and frescoes shipping, installation work has been completed in a remarkable time of eleven days (July 2016). Confirming once again our staff’s extraordinary speed and reliability.

Design days

Installation days


  • Design difficulty 90%
  • Installation difficulty 90%
  • Weathering conditions 80%

Project design in collaboration with architect Gil Araujo, Hsin Chong‘s Art Director.

Gil Araujo

Architect, Hsin Chong

We chose to work with Demart Interior Decoration after the excellent work carried out for the “Venetian Cotai”. Like for the Venetian, research, proposals, working times and quality of Demart’s work have made us completely satisfied.

Director, Hsin Chong Eng. Ltd


Digital fresco is an innovative decoration technique that uses digital processed images, transferred on surfaces of any kind and dimensions.

Digital fresco is not a film application on wall surface, but a real transfer process that takes the color onto the wall and paints it like brush made. The final result will be that of “fresco effect”.

Initially made for murales, the digital fresco technique extended its use to a wide range of materials like wood, plaster, concrete, bricks: digital fresco versatility makes wall decoration possible even on the most challenging surfaces (with irregularity and roughness up to 7-8mm), adapting to surface variations like archways, edges and corners.

Digital fresco manufacturing and installation: how it works

Using a pigment transfer technology, the specular image gets printed on a transfer paper. The paper pose will take place after the application of a special adhesion substance that, penetrating into roughnesses and porosity, makes pigment colors joinable to the surface.

After removing the transfer paper, we proceed to the final treatment to fix and protect the digital fresco image.

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